This is not a marketing ploy, these values are a set of guidelines that help direct us as a team.

Shared Journey - Shared Success, Humans Aren't Robots, Know Your Shit, Be Open and Find The Fun!

Our Values

This is not a marking ploy. These values are a set
of guidelines that we created together and help direct us as a team.

Humans Aren’t Robots
Know Your Shit
Shared Journey – Shared Success
Be Open
Find The Fun

Digital Noir - A Brief History

It has long been said that, if you don't know where you've come from, you don't know where you are going. The Digital Noir journey has not always been smooth sailing, but we are firm believers that a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. 8 years have flown by in a blink, but when you start looking back you realise how much we have grown as humans, as a team and how much fun we had in the process. Here is a very brief snapshot.



Scrimshaw Communications, London UK

Sam had fled Adelaide in search of adventure and exotic lands. Instead he ended up in London town, where in 2006 he fatefully quit his 9-5 and started ‘freelancing’ as a graphic designer. A dozen crash courses in web design and many more Polski Pivo’s fuelled the birth of Scrimshaw. A small web agency run out of an even smaller flat.


Digital Noir is born in Adelaide, SA

Upon returning to Adelaide, Sam formed Digital Noir. Scrimshaw had a corporate edge that did not reflect Sam’s own personal style. DN was a play on the classic ‘Film Noir’ and it’s main intention was to stand out from the crowd, to do things differently.


A warehouse fit for a startup!

Dunorlan was the first real spiritual home of DN 1.0. Setup in partnership with Cortex Interactive. Our main goal was to have a table tennis table and a bar fridge. We achieved both on the first day! The space was huge, a perfect place to grow a team.


The birth of the DN team

DN had been working with several freelancers, part timers and contractors but 2013 saw the addition of the first full time staff. There really is no I in team, without the staff DN does not exist. This is a snap from our first ever neighbourhood xmas party.


The Bandung Connection

Prasetyo is the longest serving member of the DN crew. He started helping out in 2012. In 2014 he came on board full time and Sam went to visit him in his hometown in Indo. Every year since we have made an effort to get the full team together once a year.


New faces + plenty of wine

Nick and Tess are both pillars of the DN crew and ’14 saw them come on board full time and help to further grow the business. We had some great success with Hentley Farm and reaped the rewards with wine, food and fun times in the Barossa!


Pixel Pong – A brief stint in Chiang Mai

As DN expanded into Apps, the team needed to grow. A small experiment in the jewel of the north, Chiang Mai (Thailand) ensued. Pixel Pong was an offshoot of DN with 5 staff and a fully kitted out office. Not all experiments pan out and DN decided to move all operations back to ADL.


DN Expansion – another home by the beach

Somerton Park was our HQ for two years and saw the biggest growth in the business and a great spot by the sea. This was the spiritual home of DN 2.0 and we have many great memories of team feasts and cards games on the floor.


A team trip to Bali and plans for DN 3.0

As the team grew so did our need for a stronger brand presence and personality. The birth of DN 3.0 (what you see/feel on this site) started in 2016 and has it’s roots in a solid team that love to create together. In Nov ’16 we spent a week in Bali with Pras – Digital Nomads on the loose!


Flinders Street HQ – Yet more new faces

We were sad to leave the beach but the city life called and we have not looked back since. Our new HQ on Flinders Street in Wotso is the perfect space from which to weave our DN magic. The team continued to grow, bringing on more support roles and expanding our development & design team. Bring on the next adventure!


A Growing Team…the next generation

Throwing a team of interns into the DN mix expands the team even more, and gives us the opportunity to grow our marketing efforts with the ‘Digital Noir Presents’ podcast among other things. Guillermo comes on board to cover Tess’s maternity leave…another junior addition to the team!


Agile by name agile by nature!

We had long been using ‘scrum’ as an internal framework for our project work but in 2019 began rolling our the DN Agile approach to our partners with great success! We launched some world-class products for our partners, took our podcast to Pause Fest and raised over $1200 for men’s health as a part of Movember.


The Future Is Now!

No, don’t worry Sam has not given up DN to become a tradie! We have expanded our Studio to include a very sleek and low lit ‘huddle room’ where our Agile teams can work in peace and quiet and also dial in the offshore teams or partners. We continue to evolve our service offering and quality of work, with a renewed focus on ‘design’ being at the heart of what we do. Designing impactful digital experiences for people that give a damn. Is that you? We would love to chat!